Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Film genre Picture

  1. The genre that I was going for was horror/thriller/mystery and the shot I used was a medium close up of the shadow of a teenage girl. I have taken this shot at an angle which makes it seem as if the shadow is coming towards you or someone near you. In this picture you cant really tell if it's a male or female which is good because it adds to the mystery genre as you can't tell what kinda of person it is. This shot represents my genre in many ways, one is the darkness. The darkness creates a sense of thrill or mystery, and the picture clearly shows the shadow of someone. Also the fact that the person is holding a knife in the picture would make the audience feel quite scared.
  2. First of all I created the darkness, shadowy effect in one room. I made the room dark by closing the curtains and door, then I got a torch for my lighting. With my lighting I shined the torch onto the wall from behind the person. I positioned the person in front of a blank wall so that my picture would come out clearly, I also made the person hold the knife in a stabbing motion and turn her head so that we could see the side of her face. When I had finally got the position of the lighting correct I went round to the other side and took the picture so that it looked like the shadow was coming towards the viewer. I chose to do a medium close up because with the shadow effect I thought it would look more effective with just the face. I think that my picture turned out how i wanted it to.

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